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We offer the best gutters and installation tools. We have helped protect poor families & their homes for years

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Aluminum Metal Distribution

We are a family-owned company with more than 5 years in the market supplying homeowners and businesses. Offering the best rain gutter system and installation tools. We are one of the most credible and quality suppliers in the market. Working efficiently we have become the number one in the industry. Our staff are specialists & professionally trained to help you make a wise investment in your property. 

Aluminum Metal Distribution is the leading company in gutters and installation tools. We have excellent materials and quality services for your home. We’ve helped protect families & their homes for years.

Our company has been serving the Miami & Surrounding areas for more than 5 years & the satisfaction of our customers has pushed us to excel and grow for you. 

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Our Vision

Growing with integrity by bringing gutter solutions to Florida homes. We are proud to be able to offer you the best quality gutter material. Aluminum Metal strives to continue bringing our customers quality products at the best prices in the market. Industry leadership is built on empathy and immediate solutions for our customers, that is what Aluminum Metal offers to its community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to expand throughout the country to be closer to our customers and to bring the best gutter solutions to every home in Florida. Offering our families immediate high-quality solutions has been one of our main goals & every day we are working harder to reach more families in the country.
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Why is it Important To Have Good Quality Gutters In Your Property?

Gutters in our home are very important in the structure of the house because they prevent water from stagnating on the roof & walls during the rainy season. Its function is to protect and prevent damage. The gutters will help conduct water in a controlled manner so as not to cause flooding or moisture on the property. Aluminum Metal has the best water collection system in the market.

We are the leading company in gutters and installation tools

SureGuard System

Gutter protection is very important. It helps us to keep our gutters in good condition & also provides protection against dead leaves or debris. Keeping our gutters clean helps water flow better and prevents unwanted dirt from accumulating.

The quality of our SureGuard System helps you avoid costly repairs to your gutter. You can find a wide variety on the market but not all of them offer the quality that Aluminum Metal Distribution offers you. We have a solid reputation in the industry.

MicroGuard System

Our MicroGuard System is very popular in the market due to its filtration efficiency and durability. The aluminum material guarantees the high quality and good appearance of your property.

MicroGuard System acts as a protective screen for smaller environmental debris. It will help you minimize your property damage and also save you a lot of time and constant maintenance of your gutters.

LeafGuard System

This item is designed to deflect all types of debris. The Aluminum Metal Distribution system distributes a unique design that will keep water away from your home & at the same time expel all the debris so your gutters will be safe from clogging.

Clogged gutters cause damage to garden borders. We take care of your property and keep your gutters clean and safe.

Series 56X Gutter System

Is unique in that it’s a large capacity system that doesn’t look bulky. It achieves high-volume water flow and gives homeowners real peace of mind. It can also be fitted with our patented MicroGuard™ for additional leaf protection.

K-Style Gutter System

Since the arrival of the seamless gutter machine over 40 years ago, K Style gutters have grown to account for over 80% of the gutters installed today. With lower labor costs, as well as lower material costs, it’s easy to understand why seamless K Style rain gutters have become so popular.

Gutter Coil

When it comes to raw materials, We has the coils and sheets needed for your next job. We stock over 20 colors of aluminum gutter coil.

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